Miami Airplane Accident Attorneys

Airplane Accidents

Airplane accidents and crashes represent difficult cases to litigate, and our Miami airplane accident attorneys are available for free and confidential consultations for those who are injured or have lost a loved one in an aviation disaster. Investigations and legal actions involve complex and detailed areas of the law.
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Boating Accident Attorney

Boating Accidents

Boating is an integral part of South Florida’s recreational lifestyle, and there are millions of boats on our nation’s waterways. Unfortunately, along with this fun and relaxing activity come mishaps, accidents, and death which number in the thousands per year.
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Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury is also referred to as TBI and closed head injuries, have been called “The Invisible Injury,” as the physical trauma is completely internal. These injuries range from mild to severe, and there are both short- and long-term consequences.
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Auto Accident Attorney in Westchester

Car Accidents

For those who suffer the death of a loved one or become disabled as a result of a car accident caused by another, car accident lawyers such as those at our Miami law firm enable you to turn to our legal system to hold careless and dangerous drivers responsible for their actions.
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catastrophic personal injury attorney

Catastrophic Personal Injury

Our attorneys counsel and represent injured clients who have been forced to contend with intractable pain, suffering and disability, as well as medical bills and procedures, lost wages, and concerns regarding insurance coverage. We work with insurance companies and others to ensure that our clients’ needs are being met.
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commercial litigation attorney

Commercial Litigation

The Miami attorneys of Gamba, Lombana & Herrera are experienced in complex commercial litigation and have represented numerous clients at the trial and appellate levels in federal and state courts, as well as resolved matters through arbitration and mediation.
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cruise ship accident attorney

Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruise ship travel is quickly becoming one of the more popular vacation choices for many people, but unfortunately, cruise ship accidents are also a reality for many passengers. Our Miami cruise ship accident attorneys have the necessary experience and knowledge to represent victims.
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defective products lawyer

Defective Products

The Miami product liability and defective product lawyers at Gamba, Lombana & Herrera work with the victims of defective and unsafe products to force those who are responsible for manufacturing and selling the products to account for their actions.
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drowning accident attorney

Drowning Accidents

Lawsuits resulting from drowning accidents in swimming pools in Miami and throughout South Florida have become fairly prevalent over the years, as the state ranks among the nation’s highest for drowning fatalities for young children in swimming pools.
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Insurance claim attorney, Insurance Dispute lawyer

Insurance Claims and Disputes

Insurance has become a critical component of nearly every person’s life. We must insure our homes and our cars in order to have the right to own them, and many of us insure our lives to protect our assets and our families in case of an emergency or accident.
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Medical Malpractice Attorney Miami

Medical Malpractice

We concentrate on medical malpractice cases that we file against doctors, nurses, hospitals and other healthcare providers that injure innocent patients by providing careless and negligent treatment that does not meet the standards of care that are required under law.
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Negligent Security

Each year, many tourists and residents of Miami and South Florida are injured in assaults as a result of negligent security. Many such attacks take place in parking lots of retail establishments, office buildings, nightclubs, apartment complexes, hotels and on college campuses.
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elderly abuse lawyer

Nursing Home and Elder Abuse

Nursing homes offer a valuable service by providing a place where elderly patients can receive treatment and health services in a professional and dignified manner. State and federal laws have been enacted to prevent nursing home abuse, but sadly these actions happen frequently.
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Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury

The personal injury lawyers at Gamba, Lombana & Herrera focuses on those injured due to negligence, carelessness or the intentional acts of others. These injuries are often catastrophic, severe and life-changing, and they take a devastating toll on the injured individuals and their families.
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Truck and Bus Accident Attorney

Trucks and Bus Accidents

Accidents involving buses and large commercial trucks in Miami and throughout South Florida are fairly common, and the victims of these accidents are often severely injured or even killed as a result. Those affected should consult with the experienced truck and bus accident lawyers.
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Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful Death

Our law firm help families who have suffered the loss of a loved one due to the negligence or acts of others. We understand that the pain that families feel after a fatal accident can linger forever, and we provide representation with compassion for the affected families.
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